Training has only one purpose: To develop individuals so that they can out-perform on their current tasks and be prepared for the future.


Front Foot, established in 2003, is a training company that serves the South African business community. We specialise in the marketing, management, production and administration of business training workshops on a wide variety of critical topics.

Our team of workshop presenters consist of subject matter experts with years of experience in their field of expertise as well as in adult education. We pride ourselves in training that provides value to the participant. Human development in all its forms, comes down to the same factors of success. It’s got to be relevant; challenging; useful and inspiring.

Each participant has to feel like you’re talking directly to them. It’s our responsibility to make it so. Anything less, and you get the kind of mediocrity that makes staff actually prefer to stay in their office. The bottom line is that effective learning requires an interesting topic, interactive and diverse in delivery style.

Our workshops are developed and delivered according to best practices, with consideration given to the context, content and application needs of the learner.

Front Foot is majority Black-owned Level 2 EME – 125% Recognition